Life Science Class Pledges
We end each class period with the following pledge:
    I am somebody.  
    The me I see is the me I will be.  
    I am respectful, responsible, and resourceful.
    I will succeed.

School specific rules
o hall passes issues the first 20 minutes of class or the last 20 minutes of class.  
Each student leaving a classroom must have a hall pass

Classroom specific rules:  You are in school to learn and I am in school to teach.
  • Follow directions, respond politely to appropriate requests
  • Bring all necessary materials to class.
  • Leave gum, food, or drink outside.
  • Electronic games or music players are distractive, leave them at home.
  • Always act and speak in an appropriate way.
  • Profanity is inappropriate at all times, none will be allowed
  • Respect one another at all times, we shall have no harassing or threatening in our class
  • Be in appropriate areas at all times
  • Always be dressed appropriately for school.
  • Backpacks near the door or under the desk out of the walkway.

Code of Conduct
  1. Students will follow all Twin Rivers Unified School District rules and California Ed Code rules as stated in
    the Student/Parent Handbook.
  2. Students will follow the instructions of all faculty and staff the first time they are asked.
  3. Students will place all trash into trash receptacles.
  4. Students will use respectful, polite language.
  5. Students will respect the person, property, space and health of others.
  6. Students will respect all school property (textbooks, computers, grounds, and buildings).
  7. Students will leave all electronic devices, and any items not related to school activities, at home per
    District Policy.
Miss Elizabeth
Biology Classroom Procedures
Grant Union High School
King of Meadowbrook,
Classroom Procedures - Our efforts are worthy
2009-2010 School Calendar pdf

"A bird can fly freely in the sky because its wings on both sides work in harmony
If it leaned only toward its right wing, or applied too much force in only its left wing,
it would not be able to soar..."
-Masami Saionji

There is a tiny book called "The Golden Key to Happiness" written by Masami Saionji.  It was translated
from the original Japanese form, and is a little book of "light and joy" written by the founder of Aikido.
steelhead and Salmon