Purpose of the Online Notebook is to provide learning activities to support the
standard-based learning goals for the State of California and the Twin Rivers
Unified School District.  The Twin Rivers Unified School District and the State of
California Standards for the Ecology Unit are
listed here.

Ecology: Unit 1
These links contain much of the information you will need to complete the Unit.
>>  Ecology Unit Overview includes standards, vocabulary, schedule, study guide (
>>  Assignment Guide listing activities and assignments (
>>  Study Guide I  (
word)    Study Guide I Answers (pdf)
>>  Power Point Presentations:  
Ch. 1 The Study of Life (
Ch. 2 Principals of Ecology (
Ch. 3 Communities (
Ch. 4 Population Dynamics (
Ch. 5 Biodiversity and Pollution (
Webquest/ Bioinfomatics  worksheet (word)
>>  Quiz Answers (posted at end of Unit)
Web Links
>>  Flash Cards
>>  Handouts
>>  Cartoons and Diagrams

>>  Scientific Method/Experimentation and Investigation Background:
::   Chapter 1 presentation (
ppt  pdf) and structured notes (word  pdf)
::   Understanding Variables worksheet  (
word  pdf)
::  Scientific Experiments worksheet (
word   pdf)
::  Scientific Method Overview (
word  pdf)
::  Experimentation and Investigation Workbook  (
word  pdf)
Ecology Unit Portfolio    Due Thurs/Friday September 18/19, 2008
Portfolio Assignment (
word  pdf)
Portfolio Self Evaluation (
word  pdf)
Learning Skills Reflection (
word  pdf)
Portfolio Grading Rubric (
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