Unit 3 Genetics Webquests
DNA Code Game - Nobel Prize
DNA Introduction  (worksheet:  word  pdf)
Mitosis and Meiosis (worksheet:  word  
Mitosis Rap (MP3
song without lyrics)
Mitosis Tutorial  includes Movie - Onion Cell Stages (
Tour the Basics -  University of Utah (
html  download the  PC tour)
Inside the Cell
Gel Electrophoresis Virtual Lab  link
Create a DNA Fingerprint   (worksheet)

Good Web Resources

DNA Structure showing base pairing and double hexlix -
The Science and Ethics of Genetics  Tell your political representatives after some thought
Inheritance of Characteristics
Waynes World Mitosis and Meiosis
What the heck is that?
Cell Division Construction Kit - to practice mitosis and meiosis with corrections
DNA Introduction - genes, chromosomes, and other important information
Mitosis or Meiosis?