Unit 5: Evolution and Natural Selection  Handouts and Lecture Notes
Unit 5  Handouts and Study Guides
Life Science Unit 5.  Study Guide Natural Selection 2007:  word   Answers: word
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                     Study Guide - Semester Class word   Answers:
Unit 5.  Research Project (50 pts)  word      World map - project illustration  pdf
Unit 5.  Assignment List  Yearlong Course
Evolution Crossword Puzzle #1   pdf
       Puzzle #2  pdf
Natural Selection Crossword Puzzle #1
Standards Assessment  pdf
Natural Selection - Application of Selective Pressures  word
Giraffes and Sickle Cell Anemia   word
Ecosystems and Communities   pdf
Threatened and Endangered Animals Puzzle  Internet Research Warmup   pdf
Mammal Library Research   word

Chapter 10 Classification - Directed Reading Worksheets   pdf   Vocabulary  pdf
Chapter 10 Keys to the Kingdom   pdf
Chapter 10 Classification Clues   pdf
Chapter 10 Shape Island: Scientific Nomenclature   pdf
Chapter 8 Evolution and Natural Selection Vocabulary/SG Part 1   pdf
Chapter 12 Plant Processes - Directed Reading Worksheets   pdf
Chapter 12 Reinforcement Worksheets  pdf
Chapter 13 Animal Behavior - Directed Reading Worksheets   pdf
Chapter 17 Ecosystems - Directed Reading Worksheets  pdf
Natural Selection and Giraffe Evolution  
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Animal Classification Vocabulary Matching Worksheet  
Food Chain Vocabulary Matching Worksheet  pdf
Natural Selection Vocabulary Note-Taking Chart  pdf  Answers  pdf
Lecture Notes (pdf or word documents)
Allopatric and Sympatric Speciation Notes
Lecture Slide Presentations (powerpoint)
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Life Science Unit 5. Presentation Part 1 Chapter 8:  powerpoint a and powerpoint b  pdf
Life Science Unit 5. Presentation Part II Chapter 10:   powerpoint  pdf
Life Science Unit 5. Presentation Part III Chapter 12:  powerpoint  pdf
Life Science Unit 5. Presentation Part IV Chapter 13:  powerpoint
Life Science Unit 5. Presentation Part V Chapter 17:  powerpoint   pdf Life Science
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Unit 5 Overview:  Vocabulary and Study Guide  (word)     Answers  word
Twin Rivers Unified School District Review (ppt)
Unit 5 Practice Exam (
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Dating the Fossil Record (
Evolutionary Family Tree  (
Vocabulary Picture Stories (
word)  Unit Vocabulary and Guided Questions (word)
Chapter 15 Reading Guide, Genetic Drift, Peppered Moths, Speciation (
 Ch 15 SG (
Natural Selection and Graphing (
Evidence for Evolution (
Salamander Geographic Distribution map (pdf)  activity (pdf)  salamander (pdf)
Breeding Bunnies Laboratories  (
Radioactive decay Ice Man Activity (
Speciation Concept Map (
Evolution Historical Readings (
word) Lamarck, Darwin, and Wallace Readings (pdf)
Evolution Supplemental Exam (word)
Geologic Time Scale Interpretation#1 (
pdf)  #2 (word)  Answers#1 (pdf)

Natural Selection Steps Diagram (
pdf)   Puzzle (pdf)
Mary Leaky Puzzle (
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Concept Mapping Assignment:  
Guide  Answers
Concept Organizers: Comparison (word   pdf)  Makeup (pdf)   Biodiversity (word pdf)
Biosphere Hierarchy - Ecosystem Backgrounder (word pdf)
Evolution Vocabulary Note-taking Chart (
word   pdf)   Makeup (word)
Getting into the Fossil Record:
<<  Vocabulary and Note-taking Chart (
word  pdf)  Makeup (pdf)
<<  Earth Files: The Fossil Record Reading and Comprehension (
<<  Paleontologists Reading and Crossword Puzzle (
pdf)   Answers (pdf)
<<  Understanding Cartoons - Three examples (
<<  California Fossils - Department of Mines and Geology publication (
<<  What killed the Iceman (
pdf)  key (pdf)
What Killed the Dinosaurs:
<<   Vocabulary and Note-taking Chart (
word   pdf)   Makeup key (pdf)
<<   When a Dinosaur Dies: Matching and Sequencing (
<<   Evidence Reading (
word   pdf)
<<   Evidence Summary and Justification Essay (
word  pdf)
<<   Why did the Dinosaurs Die Out short reading and comprehension (
word   pdf)  Answers (pdf)
<<   History of Life Vocabulary Worksheet (
word   pdf)   Makeup (pdf)
<<   Recorded Mass Extinction (pdf)  Makeup (
Plate Tectonics - Continental Drift
<<   Pangaea Note-taking Chart (
word  pdf)
<<   Pangaea Anticipation Guide (
word  pdf)  Pangaea Reading Selection (word   pdf)
<<   Pangaea Crossword Puzzle (
word  pdf)
<<   Continental Drift Supporting Evidence (
pdf) and Puzzle (pdf)
<<   USGS: the Pangaea Breakup (
word  pdf)
Geologic Time
<<   Sequencing Time Lines Part 1 (
pdf)  Part 2 (pdf)
<<   Characteristics of Eras Questionnaire (
pdf)  Major Events (pdf) Assessment (word  pdf)
<<   Modeling Geologic Time (
word  pdf)
<<   History of Life Research (
pdf)                    Geologic Time Summary (word  pdf)
<<   Geological Society of America 1999 Geologic Time Scale Chart (
<<   History of Geologic Time Scale Reading (
<<   Condensed History - Geologic Time Scale: (
pdf)  Answers
steelhead and Salmon
Chapter 15  Evolution  powerpoint
Chapter 16  Hominid  powerpoint
Chapter 17  Classification/Taxonomy  powerpoint
Rock Cycle
Fossil Record