Unit 5 Webquests
Evolution,  History of Life, and Natural Selection -
>> USGS Geologic Time Scale (click on Table of Contents)
>> PBS
Evolution   Plate Tectonics
>> Understanding Geologic Time - What's Goin On
>> Stories from the Fossil Record
>> The Case of the Missing Dinosaurs
>> How Life Began - Nova Website for Origins worksheet
Life has a History  - worksheet (word  pdf)
Exploring Earth
>> How Volcanoes Work
>> Fossils Windows to Earth's Past - theater
>> Geological Processes - theater  worksheet (word)
Who Owns the Bones   GeoMysteries - IN Museum
Plate Tectonics - Continental Drift                                         new
 Our shifting Planet Earth                                                    
being formed
Good Web Resources
Six Kingdom Classification - The six
kingdoms (Archaebacteria, Eubacteria,
Protista, Plantae, Fungi, and Animalia)
presented simply with colorful  illustrations
- Rice University

Interactive Classification- Nova
classification game

Life Emerges On Your World - Overview of
review topics and information regarding
biodiversity  World-builders.org

Florida Panthers

Biodiversity Parody

Homologous Structures and Species

Form and Function - pbs Shockwave



California Department of Fish and Game
Endangered and Threatened Species
NASA Ozone Information
info on evolution topics