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The MLK JHS campus (formerly Norte Del Rio High School) was constructed in 1954,
adjacent to Arcade Creek.  There is much to learn about the history and natural environment
of this area.  

This is an excerpt from the Salmon in Arcade Creek article published by the Sacramento
Urban Creeks Council (
    Arcade Creek was once healthy and a very different kind of creek.  It may or may not
    have supported Chinook salmon. As suburban development occurred in the Arcade Creek
    watershed during the last half of the last century, the creek was forced to carry high
    flows of water much more frequently than before. Rain from winter storms used to
    percolate into the ground; stormwater would run off into the creek only in very heavy
    or long-lasting storms that saturated the ground.

Now rainwater falling onto rooftops, streets, sidewalks, parking lots and other impervious
surfaces flows quickly and efficiently through storm drains and into the creek. More erosion
of the creek bank occurs under these frequent high-water conditions. One of the results -
large quantities of soil that at one time formed the creek bank were and continue to be
scoured away, ending up as silt on the creek bed. This accelerated bank erosion and siltation
of the creek bed is bad news for spawning salmon and most other plants and animals native to
Arcade Creek.

Sacramento City Council District Map
Showing Martin Luther King Jr., JHS and Arcade Creek

Below are links to information primarily related to water quality.
USGS Mercury Water Quality Monitoring for Arcade Creek in Del Paso Heights

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