Parents are welcome to visit anytime after checking in at the Main Office for a visitor pass.  I may not
have time during class to speak with you, but you are welcome to observe.  Please contact me by phone or
using the parent conference request form (above) to schedule an appointment for a conference.
Parent Information

CALENDAR: 2010-2011 School Instructional Calendar (pdf)

PARENT HANDBOOK: District Parent Handbook - most recent available electronically (pdf)

NEWSLETTERS: November 2010 Classroom Newsletter (pdf)

Check the planner/agenda
    Students are encouraged to write down the objective(s) and homework for my class everyday
    so you'll know what they are scheduled to learn or do that day, and if there is any homework.
    Weekly, students are given an agenda (Monday) that outlines the week's proposed activities
    and  quiz material.  Students are to review this information with you and return it signed by
    you on following Tuesday prior to the weekly quiz. The weekly agenda  is checked during roll
    and returned to the student.  
Check the science binder and assignment sheet often
    Students are encouraged to write down all assignments and due dates on a separate
    assignment sheet that can be the first page of their binders which is  used as a draft table of
    contents for the unit portfolio assignment.
Check all progress reports
    Two progress reports are sent home each quarter: one in the middle of the quarter and one at
    the end of every quarter.
Check the class website - updated regularly
Contact me
    Please contact me when, or if any of the following situations apply:
    - You have a question about the material your child is learning.
    - There is a problem at home affecting your child's academic achievement
    - You want some information about how you can help in the class.  
    My classroom phone number is: (916) 286-1000 ext 65115
         My email is
About the academic requirements of the class:
>> 2010-2011 Biology Syllabus (word)                                                    Chemistry Syllabus (word)
>> Biology 2010 - 2011 Pacing Guide (
>> Biology Course Outline Yearlong Class (
>> California Education Standards for High School Biology (
pdf)          Chemistry Standards (pdf)
>> California Education Frameworks for High School Biology (
pdf)        Chemistry Framework (pdf)
How parents can support student science achievement:
California Department of Education Parent Handbook for Science (pdf)
How parents can promote positive thinking at home and at school:
Optimism (pdf) (downloaded from
Children's Health Issues Children Now
An e-book produced by  
the Natl Academy of
Sciences title
d "How
People Learn:  Brain,
Mind, Experience, and
 If you suspect that
your son or daughter
may be depressed,
is federal fact sheet to
discuss with your teen.
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