These students have reached for the stars during the 2005-2007 School Year!

Susana Guzman - Investigation
Lyle Lawson - Cells

Xue Loa - Cells and Genetics
Pa Vue - Cells
Yoali Vasquez - Genetics
Andrea Rodriguez - Genetics
Darrius Castillo - Genetics
Oshay Patterson Brown - Cells
Ross Holland - Cells
Brenda Egenhoff - Cells
Alejandro Ayala - Cells
Nathan Phasavath - Genetics
Jesus Magallanes - Genetics   pdf photo
Rosie Vue - Genetics   pdf photo
Vanessa Vue - Genetics   pdf photo
Life Science 100 Club in Miss Elizabeth's Class
           at Martin Luther King Jr.,Junior High School
The 100 Club membership is limited to those outstanding students with 100 percent exam scores.