Required Materials
Teacher M. Elizabeth - High School Science Class
Required Materials
Students are to bring the following materials to class each day:
Two sharpened pencils
Black or blue ink pen
Scientific Calculator
Three different colored highlighters
Science Binder - Three ring binder or a file folder to collect assignments
Lined paper
Good attitude with a growing love of science

    Students that are not prepared for class create problems for themselves and the
    class, as others have to provide materials - if they are available.  If materials are
    not available, the time attending to the unprepared student's need was lost and the
    student may not be able to complete the day's learning activities.  After school
    detention will be assigned to all students not prepared with the required materials
    when the bell rings signally the class has begun.
Successful learners:
Have positive beliefs and attitudes towards learning.
Are not afraid of new experiences and can see learning opportunities in many
different settings.
Seeing opportunities creates hope and with hope comes perseverance.
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GUHS                                                 Required Materials must be brought to class everyday!  
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